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By Ammoland

Vietnam in the Rear View Mirror

By Dr. Earl Tilford

Vietnam in the Rear View Mirror
The Center For Vision & Values
The Center For Vision & Values

Pennsylvania – -( There were 2,709,918 Americans who served in the Vietnam War. Of that number approximately 850,000 are alive. The youngest is 54.

Because there were senior officers and non-commissioned officers in Vietnam who fought in World War II, the oldest are past the century mark.

Forty-two years ago the last American serviceman, probably a U.S. Marine, died fighting the Khmer Rouge at Koh Tang Island on May 15, 1975.

I served my tour in the relative comfort of Udorn Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand in 1970 and 1971. I turned 25 before going over. I am now 70.

My first wife, who served with me, died of cancer at the age of 35. Some claimed the cancer was Agent Orange related. Who knows? Her war ended in 1981. Vietnam is in my rear view mirror.

On May 23 2016, President Barack Obama ended Washington’s half-century old arms embargo against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Vietnam will spend $5 billion on weapons this year. Russia, Britain and the European Union will profit. So should the United …Read the Rest

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