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By Guns ‘n’ Freedom

flame thrower shop owner stops 2 armed crooks in australia

This story comes from Australia, a country President Obama likes to push as a prime example of mass gun bans stopping crime.

But in this video that is now going viral, the shop owner had to use an improvised flame thrower to try to keep the armed crooks at bay. Yes, it was the bad guys who were armed.

As soon as the armed robbers came into the store, the man behind the counter pulled out some flammable bug spray and a cigarette lighter.

The special effects seemed to work at first, but watch the video below to see what actually ended up happening. Props to the shop owner for at least making the noble attempt though.

According to the outlet, they made off with A$680 (US$481), which doesn’t seem like much after being embarrassed by a can of pressurised insect repellant.

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