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By James England


Despite the gun community having a lot of resources for education and training, we keep running into people doing dumb things with guns. TomoNews made a very interesting YouTube video going over a number of different scenarios that involved negligent deaths. You may be tempted to dismiss this as “silly” until you realize that some of those deaths take place at the hands of trained law enforcement and former military.

The complacency of prior experience is a dangerous trap. We’ll try to highlight some of the major mistakes so we can keep them fresh in our minds.

Toddler Accidentally Shooting Mother/Relative

This one is the most painful to hear about. Not only is a small child not responsible for his or her actions when in custody of a loaded firearm, the parent or guardian is jeopardizing the child’s life as well as his own.

In the video, there are two notable cases. The first involves a toddler accidentally shooting his mother in a Walmart after gaining custody of the handgun in her purse. The second is a toddler that got a loaded revolver out of the passenger seat’s rear pocket and shot his grandmother through the back.

Point: keep guns well out of reach of …Read the Rest

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