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doublestar mini dragon ar pistols

A couple of weeks ago, YouTuber Graham Baates did a tabletop review of the Grand Power Stribog, a 9mm semi-auto pistol carbine previously available only to law enforcement and military in Europe. Now Graham has posted a video showing the Stribog, currently available to civilians in the U.S. via Eagle Imports, in action at the range. Watch it above.


5 High-Quality AR Pistols Available in .300 Blackout

For his full mag +1 reliability assessment, Graham uses Freedom Munitions’ 115gr ball ammo, firing at an ABC Zone target set up about 50 yards out. In the “what’s for dinner” segment, Graham tests out 10 different loads, examining feed, cycling, function and last round bolt hold open. The loads are: Freedom Munitions Hush 165gr; Remington HTP 147gr; Magtech First Defense Bonded 124gr; Hornady Steel Match 125gr; Blazer 124gr; Hornady American Gunner 115gr XTP; Geco 94gr; Magtech First Defense 92.6gr; Winchester Super Clean 90gr; and Liberty Civil Trainer 65gr. In addition, Graham runs through four subsonic loads since the Stribog is can-friendly.

Boasting a lightweight, anodized aluminum alloy construction, the Grand Power Stribog features a dynamic blowback mass bolt action; dual mass slide that mitigates recoil; …Read the Rest

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