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By John Falkenberg

LA PORTE, TX — One La Porte, Texas family is happy to have all made it out in one piece after what was supposed to be an online phone sale went sour at their own home.

The Webster’s family teenage daughter had arranged to purchase a cell phone from a user on the Offer Up app, according to KTRK.

They had agreed to meet at a public place, but after some delays, the seller, Joshua Daniels, and the Websters agreed to meet at the Webster’s home.

For the record, fellow internet dealers — never, ever have dealings at your home or at the residence of another. Just don’t do it.

When Daniels came to their home, the teen reportedly asked to see the phone.

In response, her mother got a gun in her face.

Daniels reportedly dragged the mother by her hair while demanding money. The teen ran inside the home to retrieve the money, but she needn’t have bothered.

Watch the video below to see just how tense the situation was.

It would appear that Daniels’ actions set something off in the father, Ted Webster.

“All I thought, our whole relationship, …Read the Rest

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