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By Tom Knighton

I’ve heard it said before that one of the most dangerous things police officers do on a daily basis is pulling people over. While most interactions are fine, pulling someone over has a nasty habit of turning ugly on the officers.

In my time watching officer-involved shootings, most of them seem to take place when the police have pulled someone over, so I have no trouble believing that traffic stops are the most dangerous things cops do.

Today, we have a video of an LAPD officer who was shot during a stop. Luckily for her, her partner shot the suspect before he could do worse.

The LA Times reports:

Recordings from inside a police cruiser and the officers’ body cameras captured what seems to begin as a routine traffic stop that suddenly explodes into violence as the gunman pulls a .380-caliber handgun from his side and shoots the female officer who is standing just inches away.

Police identified the shooter as Richard Mendoza, 32, a gang member who was on probation. He was struck multiple times in the torso and head, and later died of his injuries at a hospital, according to the video.

LAPD Capt. Patricia Sandoval identified the male officer in …Read the Rest

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