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intruder shot in face after trying to crawl through doggy door

A man was making several attempts to break into homes in the Las Vegas area Friday night, but the robbery attempts stopped when the intruder tried to crawl through the doggy door of a homeowner who was ready with a .45 handgun.

Neighbors began calling each other when they heard the man trying to break down doors and force his way into homes.

According to an NBC affiliate,

Nicole Slokken says the intruder banged on her door before he was shot. She remembers getting a call from a neighbor about the suspect hitting her door.

“She said, ‘Are you ok? Are you ok? Someone is trying to kick down your door.’ I said, ‘Oh my gosh!’” said Slokken.

Slokken will never forget the night her neighbor called her. She tells us right after midnight Friday a man went on a home invasion rampage on her street.

“Break in the door kicking it and trying to break it down,” said Slokken.

The man was not successful in getting through the front door, so neighbors say he went to a home next to Slokken’s.

Witnesses say the man armed with a 12-inch knife tried getting through the doggie door. The homeowner ended …Read the Rest

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