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By Tom Knighton

Have you ever been pulled over by police and noticed they seemed a little tense? I mean, you were speeding or whatever. You’re not running drugs or anything, so why are they so tense?

Well, probably because traffic stops are often one of the most dangerous things police officers do on a daily basis, and that’s not to imply that they don’t deal with other dangerous situations.

While most traffic stops aren’t a big deal, they can turn dangerous in no time at all. Take this video of a November 7, 2017 traffic stop in Pennsylvania.

Warning: Some of this content is pretty violent and explicit.

The driver, Daniel Clary, was convicted of two counts of attempted murder for trying to kill Trooper Ryan Seiple, and Cpl. Seth Kelly as well as resisting arrest, escape, and disarming police on June 29.

It seems that it was only through great medical science and divine intervention that Clary wasn’t convicted of murder.

Kelly was seriously wounded when Clary opened fire from the driver’s side of his vehicle — he was shot in the neck and the leg, suffering a punctured femoral artery. Prosecutors say he …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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