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By Lee Williams

James Hodges was charged with resisting arrest after a Columbia County (Florida) deputy mistook his white cane for a firearm. (Video still courtesy of James Hodges’ YouTube account.)by Lee WilliamsJames Hodges, who is legally blind and cannot drive, was walking home from jury duty in Lake City, Florida one week ago when he was stopped by Columbia County Sheriff’s Deputy Jayme Gohdy, because she mistook his collapsible white cane for a pistol.A video of their encounter was captured by Deputy Gohdy’s body camera. Hodges later posted a copy of the video on his YouTube page.[Click here to watch the bodycam video of Hodges’ arrest.]“What’s this in your back pocket?” Deputy Gohdy can be heard asking on the video. “It’s a navigational aid,” Hodges said. “What’s the problem? Are you a tyrant?”“Yeah, I am actually,” Deputy Gohdy said. “What’s your name and date of birth.”“I don’t have to give that …” Hodges started to say.  “Do you want me to put you in handcuffs right now?” Deputy Gohdy said. “It looks like you’re carrying a gun in your back pocket. I’m stopping you to make sure you’re carrying it properly.”“Have you ensured that it’s not a firearm?” Hodges asked. “No, you keep turning

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