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By Brandon Curtis

DAYTON, OHIO — A Dollar General store was robbed by a man in his 20’s, but he didn’t make off with the cash. Instead, the clerk drew a firearm and shot the suspect, who stumbled outside the store where he collapsed.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Here is how the events went down, according to police and witnesses;

Witnesses at the Dollar General told investigators that a person entered the store, revealed a handgun and then demanded money from the cash register, [Lt. Jason] Hall said.

A worker, who was not working at the cash register, was armed and confronted Rappley.

Witnesses said that he pointed the gun at employees, Hall said.
In a 911 call, a man told dispatchers that a man with a gun attempted to rob him at the store.

“He pointed a gun at me,” the caller said. “I had a firearm on me. I pulled my firearm and I shot him in self defense.”


The armed employee also said that the suspect, 23-year-old Roosevelt Rappley, fired back in retaliation.

Shortly after, two members of Rappley’s family spoke with reporters outside the store where he was shot and killed. Their …Read the Rest

Source:: Concealed Nation

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