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By Kelly Pidgeon

As someone who runs a YouTube gun channel, I have certainly subscribed to quite a few really good channels myself that are out there on the subject. I also look at what is out there on different topics, and one thing that I find that makes me cringe is seeing people who make videos touting the “perfect gun for a woman.” What does that even mean? Are there videos out there addressing the “perfect gun for a man?” If there are, I’ve never seen any. Guys, while we do sincerely appreciate the chivalry, we aren’t fragile China dolls.

What this actually says to me is that these are videos for women who are being handed a gun by their husband or boyfriend, because it’s something you can use without any training. Ladies, quite frankly, this advice is crap and just plain dangerous. Giving anyone a gun that they don’t operate with any level of proficiency is asking for trouble.Telling you you aren’t capable of learning to use a more suitable gun is just condescending. And really, the idea that you can’t run a decent sized semi-auto pistol is simply not true.

Micro sized guns like the Body Guard .380 or the Remington …Read the Rest

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