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By Kelly Pidgeon

We could write articles about holsters every day. There are thousands of options and everyone has a strong opinion on what is best, but it’s mostly about personal preference. What seems to be making a run for its money lately, is the belly band.

The belly band is an on-body carry system that has a ton of versatility with a good amount of variety. Basically it’s made of an elastic (usually surgical grade) with sewn in pockets for holstering your gun, magazines, phone, etc. and is ambidextrous. It can be worn inside the waistband, outside the waistband, cross body, center line, at any o’clock position or under your arms for a shoulder holster.

Most often, I wear the belly band with skirts or unstructured pants, those with no belt loops or made of soft composition, that make it impossible to wear a traditional IWB holster. And they’re really comfortable.

Since most come with a long piece of Velcro on the ends, it’s easily adjustable to fit nearly any size. Some do come with hooks and eyes for attachment, and many people like this idea, but those can be cumbersome and not allow for just a perfect fit like Velcro will.

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