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By Tactical-Life

A Canadian police officer was filmed berating a mother after she left her two young children locked inside her car during a warm summer day while she went grocery shopping for 20 minutes. Check out the footage above.

According to the Vancouver Sun, police received calls from several concerned citizens who saw the kids inside the car at a grocery store parking lot in east Vancouver just before 4 p.m. Temperatures were reportedly in the low to mid-2os celsius—high to mid 70s fahrenheit— that day, but temps in enclosed spaces like cars parked in the sun can raise quickly.

Two patrol vehicles, along with an ambulance and a fire truck, arrived at the scene to find the car alarm going off, and one of the officers went off on the negligent mother during an exchange that was filmed by a bystander.

“Do you understand what you’ve done? Your children could have died,” the officer says in the video.

When the mother tries to argue with him, he cuts her off, saying “No, you don’t seem to understand the danger …Read the Rest

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