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By Chad Adams

Green Beret Training, Two Days in Hell, Bill Burr

Joel Turner is a member of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit. As such, he’s one of the finest shooters on the planet. Competing in the Open/Unlimited divisions of 3-Gun, Turner has multiple championships to his credit. Moreover, with a previous stint in operational units, Turner has a wealth of knowledge and training under his belt.


VIDEO: Comedian Bill Burr Watches Green Beret Training and It’s Hilarious

None of this, of course, means he would be exempt from a negligent discharge. And that’s exactly what Turner assumed must have happened recently, when during a training session, while conducting a shoot-reload drill, after inserting the second magazine, Turner’s pistol went off rather unexpectedly.

“I assumed that I just had my finger on the trigger,” Turner explained. “I was doing a slow-motion video of a shoot-reload drill, so I’m trying to go fast.”

Following the discharge, you can see Turner continue to present the pistol, then look down to see his magazine dropping to the ground.

Turner said he immediately began trying to replicate the conditions, other than a possible finger on the trigger, that could have caused the pistol to go off.

“I figured my trigger was worn out at first …Read the Rest

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