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Green Beret Training, Two Days in Hell, Bill Burr

An armed robbery suspect lead Tulsa Police on a wild, seven-minute chase in Oklahoma recently, ramming an officer’s cruiser before fleeing on foot. Police eventually stopped and apprehended the suspect after scaling several backyard fences during the neighborhood chase.


VIDEO: Comedian Bill Burr Watches Green Beret Training and It’s Hilarious

Police arrested Joshua Shamlin for several offenses beside the car chase, according a report published on the department’s Facebook page. The suspect allegedly pulled a box cutter on a female in a parking lot, demanding her purse. Also, authorities believe the suspect pulled the same box cutter at a second location, a male victim. The suspect was finally spotted in a third parking lot, allegedly robbing a third victim. Further, it was here that officers spotted the suspect, according to the report.

Armed Robbery Suspect Rams Cruiser

Officer dash cam and body cam footage clearly shows a white Ford F150 tearing through a neighborhood, with police in pursuit. Additionally, footage shows the F150 ramming the officer’s cruiser violently, before the suspect fled on foot. Subsequently, police converged on the area, going yard-to-yard, as officers continued attempting to corral …Read the Rest

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