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By Brandon Curtis

Bad things can happen in an instant, and being on our top game at all times can be challenging. In the video that we are discussing here, we’ll quickly see that the customers inside the restaurant have a split second to make life-or-death decisions.

What happened was this; a chance encounter between two rival gangs happened during an otherwise quiet and peaceful breakfast at an IHOP restaurant.

The two didn’t take long to confront one another, and within a few seconds a gun was drawn and fired multiple times. Literal chaos ensued as people tried to get themselves some cover while also trying to save their young children.

First, let John from ASP walk us through the details;

In a matter of 2, maybe 3 seconds, some serious decisions needed to be made by every single person inside that restaurant. Luckily no one was struck with any bullets, but this could have been complete devastation.

The raw video can be viewed here.

Police caught up with the person with the gun, and he had this to say during his interview;

Panic ran through the IHOP around lunchtime …Read the Rest

Source:: Concealed Nation

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