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By George

ABILENE, TX – When you have to go to the restroom, sometimes you find a surprise. Well one little boy in Abilene found a snake in the toilet.

The snake got into the toilet through a relief pipe. Little Isac Mcfadden was starting his day as usual, by going to the restroom, when he found something unusual.

“I found this big clump and I knew it was snake,” says Isac Mcfadden.

Cassie Mcfadden, mom, sent one of her sons to get a shovel to kill the snake.

“As soon as he came back the snake come out and it is a rattle snake,” says Cassie Mcfadden.

Mom killed the snake and dad called Big Country Snake Removal for help.

“A total he found 24, 13 in the cellar, 10 underneath the house, 5 babies and the one in the toilet. They were all the same, Western Diamond Back Rattle Snakes,” says Jason Mcfadden

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I know it’s Texas, but what the hell?

How does someone have 24 rattle snakes in their house and not know it?

They must have a serious rodent problem or something to attract that many snakes.

Thankfully the little boy didn’t take a seat without looking.

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Source:: Patriot Outdoor News

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