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By Kelly Pidgeon

In recent months, we’ve seen many law-enforcement departments including the FBI move from .40 S&W to the 9mm because of its ability to take down a bad-guy but also because it allows for higher capacity. As a shooting instructor and one who loves to be at the range, I’ve always found myself more prone to using the most popular three calibers of ammo in a semi-auto pistol, that is the 9, .40 and .45. Rarely did I ever do much on the range with revolvers, mostly because the small .38 snub is not a terribly pleasant round to shoot out of a small framed revolver, and a .357 in a small gun would be impractical for most of my students who are beginners. Plus, it’s a dated platform, right?

Sometimes, what’s old is what’s new.

A few weeks ago, a shiny new Ruger GP100 with a four inch barrel arrived at my FFL, and I bought it. And, of course, we had to do a video with it. The original premise was to test hollow point rounds versus ball ammo in a full sized ham to show what each did in something that roughly resembled human tissue. Hollow points didn’t disappoint in …Read the Rest

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