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By Rob Morse

Women Shooter Self Defense Gun

By Rob Morse- On Training

Firearms Instructor Jeff Street – This Week on Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast

Slow Facts

Louisiana- -( Here is some news you won’t find in the mainstream media. These are responsible gun owners defending themselves and the people they love.

Self-defense instructor Robyn Street joined the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at three new examples. Were these gun owners lucky, or were they trained and prepared? What can we learn from their experience? Listen and find out. (18 minute podcast)

All three victims survived lethal attacks because they had a gun.

First story- Are you armed at home?

You are in your room, but you hear a crash at your front door. There are voices and then shouts. You hear a stranger order your three roommates to go down to the basement. The robber says he has a gun. You duck back into your room and grab your own gun. You wonder if you should go downstairs to help your friends. A few moments later, you see your roommates coming back up the stairs with the armed robber behind them. …Read the Rest

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