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By Patriot Outdoor News

After a mass shooting in this country, there is always a period of reflection and deliberation – some people wonder how they’d react in a similar life-threatening situation. The United States military teaches its troops that when action must be taken and there’s no time to think, you’ll fall back on the training you received before the conflict.

That’s what happened at an Oregon community college campus in early October, when a gunman’s shooting rampage was reportedly stopped by an unarmed Army combat veteran, who ran toward the sound of gunfire. He reacted just as he was trained to.

That day, there was also another veteran on campus, and this one was armed with a concealed handgun. After contemplation, instead of running toward the shooting as first veteran did, he stayed put.

It was likely because he was “without knowledge of the tactical environment, he held his post,” wrote Christopher Marvin, a former Army Blackhawk pilot and unabashed supporter of Everytown for Gun Safety. Marvin called on other veterans in his writing last week to stand up as model gun owners.

Marvin told that he believes the training he and other former service members received can …Read the Rest

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