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By Tom Knighton

Vermont recently enacted a whole slew of new gun laws in the wake of the Parkland massacre. It was a shocking move from a rather pro-gun state that became a gun control haven essentially overnight.

Now, a gun rights group in the state is challenging the new laws.

The lawsuit, filed in Windham County Superior Court last week by the 7,000-member Gun Owners of Vermont, goes after a package of new regulations signed by Gov. Phil Scott into law earlier this year.

The filing argues the “knee-jerk” legislation was not needed for public safety, saying that Vermont has had few laws curtailing firearm possession, low crime, and a strong gun rights tradition going back to the Revolutionary War.

“The burden when you’re taking somebody’s fundamental rights away is on the government to show why that should happen, and really not on the people to show why they get to keep their rights” Michael Shane, a lawyer for the pro-gun group, told Vermont Public Radio.

A big target in the challenge is the new law raising the age to buy guns in Vermont to 21. While the law allows for adults 18-to-20 to purchase …Read the Rest

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