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By Chris Eger

The Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino is testing a radar system that can reportedly identify a gun at about six feet (Image: Patriot 1)
A large casino and hotel near the famous Las Vegas Strip this week began testing a microwave radar device designed to identify weapons discreetly, Wired reported.
The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino is now trying out the Patscan radar system. Billed as a “covert primary radar screening device and software solution for the detection of on-body concealed weapons at key access points of weapons-restricted buildings and facilities,” those at the Westgate like the fact that it is out of sight, and that it can give them tips on who is armed and not.
“I believe in people’s right to bear arms,” Mark Waltrip, Westgate Resort’s chief operating officer, says. “I have a concealed carry permit myself. But, you know, on our properties, we want to maintain a safe environment, and we don’t need guests bringing weapons on site. We really don’t want that kind of surprise.”
Produced by Patriot 1, a Canadian-based security company, the Patscan needs to be within about six feet of the weapon to image it, though they point out that multiple units can be


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