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By Philip Van Cleave

No Guns Gun Free Zone
No whining, no hedging, no delays. That’s how a police department and a county attorney’s office should be run. Fairfax County PD continues being on the top of my list

Virginia – -( Member Mark Anderson, who is a firearms instructor (Discover Shooting), went with a student to the new Fairfax Public Safety Building to assist the student in getting fingerprinted for an out-of-state permit. Upon arriving, Mark saw metal detectors and was advised that he couldn’t bring his gun in the building.

Mark asked the security guard (non-sworn, private security) what ordinance allowed such a prohibition. Unable to answer that question (of course), the guard relented somewhat and told Mark he could place his gun in a lockbox they had in the building. Due to time constraints, Mark complied and got in touch with me that evening.

I made some calls to the police and was told that Fairfax had an ordinance that allowed them to designate any government building as a gun-free zone. I knew that wasn’t the case and ended up leaving a message for the Fairfax Chief of Police.

I didn’t know when I’d get a return call from Chief Roessler, so I also called the County …Read the Rest

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