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By Ammoland

Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40mm Riflescope

By Allen Forkner
The best use of an extra AR-15 Rifle is also a public service. And by that, I mean varmint hunting.

Varmint Hunting Rifle, Scope and Ammo
Allen Forkner
Allen Forkner


Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40mm Riflescope

The Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40mm is our choice for a varmint rifle, especially when paired with a purpose-specific reticle like the company’s Varmint Hunter reticle. The Varmint Hunter reticle was designed for small targets at long-range, and has built in holdovers for distance and wind.

Once you have good glass, we look at improving the trigger. Odds are, your AR came with a mil-spec trigger, which weighs in around 8 pounds and may be a bit gritty. For a few hundred dollars, this can be replaced with a match-grade trigger from any number of companies. We’ve had great luck with Timney Triggers and Geissele Automatics, but AR Gold and Hiperfire also have great reputations. [see related best AR 15 Trigger Review]

After that, all you need is a good shooting base, which can be had with the addition of a bipod or tripod. If you are on a budget, a good …Read the Rest

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