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By gunwriter I’ve been working on a neat project for the .300 Blackout. Varmint loads. This gave me an opportunity to put my new Hornady Iron Press to work too. Using a New Ultra Light Arms Model 20 Short, topped off with Leupold’s new VX-3i as a test platform, I dropped 19.30 grains of H 110 behind a 110 grain Hornady V-Max bullet, ahead of a Federal Small Rifle primer. Muzzle velocity out of the 20 inch barrel was 2396 fps and the resulting average of three, five-shot groups was 1.19 inches. I’ll take it and, for what its worth, this is also a great self-defense load. I tested in 10% gelatin and the bullet will penetrate 13 inches and expand to double diameter. So, with the 110 V-Max you get a multi-purpose load and the load data provided duplicates the ballistics of the factory 110 V-Max load from Hornady. It was 100% reliable in an AR too. A full run down of all the .300 Blackout varmint loads I worked up will appear in the Varmint Special Edition from Wolfe Publishing in 2017. By the way, if you’ve not seen the Hornady Iron Press yet I suggest you check it out. …Read the Rest

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