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By Erich Pratt

We are all saddened by the tragic loss of innocent life in Uvalde, Texas. As a parent, I share the instinctive desire to ensure my child is safe, especially in school, a sanctuary for learning and personal growth. As a former police officer, I know more needs to be done and no, the answer isn’t gun control.
The actions of someone intent on doing harm — coupled with existing security policies and even the failures of law enforcement, as we saw in Uvalde and Parkland, Florida, to respond to life-threatening situations with equal and timely force — can lead to deadly consequences at a school or other public location.
Part of my law enforcement career was spent working as a school resource officer in Florida. I was charged with protecting our most cherished of resources: our children. I made it my mission to ensure the safety of the children entrusted to my care. I would have given my life, if necessary.
But the hard truth is that I was just one cop on the campus; I couldn’t be everywhere at once. I patrolled the grounds, I made sure the gates were locked and the doors were shut, and I kept watch for strangers.

Source: Gun Owners of America

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