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By Nick Leghorn


Northern Virginia is an interesting place. Virginia in general is a very “red state” Republican stronghold, but the Fairfax County area of Virginia (near Washington, D.C.) is so packed with touchy-feely millennials and Democrats that it throws off the politics of the entire state. One gun store is feeling the full force of the local anti-gun fervor as the local elected officials have been engineering a smear campaign with the sole purpose of driving a law abiding business owner out of business for no reason other than his existence offends their sensibilities.

From the Washington Times:

Democratic elected officials in Northern Virginia worked together to engineer a campaign against a Fairfax County firearms store in a bid to politicize gun violence and drum up support for a Democrat in an election Tuesday, an exchange of emails shows.

JB Gates, owner of Nova Firearms, opened a shop in McLean after protesters thwarted his expansion efforts in Arlington County by pressuring his landlord into breaking his lease.

Delegate Kathleen Murphy, McLean Democrat, wrote an email to state Sen. Barbara Favola, Arlington Democrat, seeking help in shutting down the gun store. Ms. Favola was instrumental in organizing opposition to Mr. Gates’ shop in …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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