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By Jenn Jacques


University of Wisconsin Madison’s Police Chief Susan Riseling is a bad dancer, and a worse researcher.

As the Wisconsin campus carry debate continues, one police chief is shockingly ignorant of the facts of gun free zones and citizen’s Second Amendment rights.

University of Wisconsin Madison’s Police Chief Susan Riseling said in an interview broadcast Sunday on “UpFront with Mike Gousha”, that not only is it untrue that more guns means less crime, but also that prevention and so-called “gun free zones” are the only way to stop campus shootings.

“I hope the people of Wisconsin realize that college campuses are different and are unique,” Riseling said. “Where does this end? Do we then make sure that our school zones are not gun-free anymore? It just keeps going on and on. The proliferation of weapons in our society is actually leading to more problems, not fewer problems.”

You may recognize Chief Susan Riseling from her carefree music video filmed in Madison last summer. Riseling was among about 25 department employees (on duty at Wisconsin taxpayer’s expense) who made a video to the Pharell Williams’ song “Happy” last summer to have officers appear “hipper and approachable”.

Riseling did not appear very hip when …Read the Rest

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