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By Dan Zimmerman


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A University of Texas El Paso professor isn’t backing down after a new law was passed in Texas that allows concealed carry on campus. The journalism professor, David Smith-Soto, hangs a ‘No Firearms Allowed’ sign in his classroom in defiance. Speaking of the recent campus shooting in Mississippi, Smith-Soto says that it only strengthens his beliefs of not allowing firearms on campus . . .

“I was outraged, we don’t need guns in the classroom. I don’t want guns in my classroom,” Smith-Soto said. “I’m dead set against it because anybody who can carry a weapon legally on campus can snap at any time.”

Statistics, though, show us that law-abiding gun owners aren’t the ones the professor should fear. Based on the bold statement above, Smith-Soto is placing myself and anyone else who carries a firearm into the ‘crazy person’ category. To that, I take offense.

I would tell Professor Smith-Soto that many of us train, and I would tell him that over 99% of us are law-abiding citizens.

Smith-Soto plans to keep his …read more

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