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By Tom Knighton

I’ve got a lot of friends in Utah, which is weird because I think I’ve spent something like five minutes in the state in my entire life. Still, it’s a beautiful state with a history of oppression all its own. Because of that history, Utahans remember that oppression is real and not restricted to a handful of markers. It can come against any group.

I’m somewhat sure that plays into how pro-gun the state is.

If there was any doubt, a panel of lawmakers decided to clarify that position loudly.

A panel of lawmakers signed off Tuesday on a declaration that Utah doesn’t need new gun-control measures like a so-called red flag law.

The vote came after a number of people spoke for and against the resolution from Republican Rep. Cory Maloy, a pro-gun rights lawmaker who said the state should enforce its existing laws.

He said “red-flag” laws, which temporarily take guns from people acting dangerously, infringe on constitutional rights before people have done anything wrong. His proposal now goes to the full House.

“We don’t want to turn law-abiding citizens into criminals,” said Maloy. His resolution was supported by groups like the National Rifle Association while others like the student-led March …Read the Rest

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