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By Micah Rate

As the fight over 3D printed firearms continues, the recent arrest of a Utah man isn’t going to help the cause of those who support the idea of people building the guns in their homes.

On Tuesday, law enforcement arrested Austin James David West, a 23-year-old man, who threatened to carry out a mass shooting at Broadview University.

Deseret News Utah reports that West made statements to a student who then sent them to the university. The report also states that West referenced plans to carry out a mass shooting in a series of text messages to another student he “has known for several years.” In those text messages, West stated what type of firearm he wanted to use and why he wanted to use it.

Here’s more from Deseret News Utah’s report:

“The statements were forwarded to the university, which caused the university dean to be fearful that a school shooting was actually going to take place. An email had to be sent to faculty and students warning them of the threat of a shooting at the school. The school chose to remain open,” the report states.

West sent several texts to another student he has known for …Read the Rest

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