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By David Codrea

United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
As it stands, Hawaii’s anti-gun Igeocracy has essentially banned the right to bear arms. What will the Ninth Circuit do about that, and potentially the Supreme Court after that?

U.S.A. –( On Monday, gun-grabber special interests filed “friend of the court” briefs and declarations to argue against the right to bear arms in the case of Young v. Hawaii, challenging the state’s effective ban on open carry by the whole people. The filers oppose a Ninth Circuit Court panel ruling “that the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment guarantees a right to openly carry a gun in public for self-defense, finding that Hawaii overstepped its authority to regulate firearms possession outside the home.”

The push for open carry is being made because the state has effectively slammed the door on concealed carry. What else is there?

Decrying the panel’s conclusions, Hawaii Attorney General Russell A. Suzuki wrote a September 11 opinion on “Availability of unconcealed carry licenses.” The AG claimed unconcealed carry permits aren’t “limited to private security officers” and then proceeded to define “standards” that hardly anyone will be able to meet. Parroting Suzuki’s points, the state petitioned …Read the Rest

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