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By Evan Brune


The United States Practical Shooting Association has added a provisional Carry Optics division to its competition categories for the remainder of 2015.

“Recently, the tides have started to turn, and it is USPSA who must keep up with the industry,” USPSA President Phil Strader said. “We have recognized the progression of lightweight carry pistols that are being outfitted with slide-mounted electronic optics.”

For the rest of the 2015 competition year, the Carry Optics division will be recognized at sanctioned Level 1 USPSA events. At the next United States Practical Shooting Association’s board of directors meeting in January 2016, board members will evaluate participation, industry response and growth trends to determine if Carry Optics can remain a viable division within the USPSA.

For guns to qualify in the carry optics division, they must have an OEM gun that has a slide machined only for the installation of an electronic optical sight. The sight must be attached directly to the slide between the rear of the slide and the ejection port. No other optics modifications are allowed.

“We are excited to see how this new division will be received by our members and the industry,” Strader said.

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