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By Bill Frady

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Today on Lock N Load Radio, 13 Feb 2017’s topics of discussion include:

Watching the Leftist implosion, as their puppetmasters slowly come to the realization that their tactics and rules have been turned against them.

Roger Katz and Stephen D’Andrilli are back from Arbalest Quarrel to review the 9th Circuit malfeasance and Trump’s Legal Authority.

Finishing with fake news, Moonbeam begging for money, and Malloy extorting money.

Hour #1

Shoving Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals Right Back in the Left’s Ugly Face, Trump Will Win This One, The Law That Never Was, Education tyranny: What the opposition to DeVos says about liberals, Bill Kristol goes off the deep end.

Hour #2

Another Conversation with Roger Katz and Stephen D’Andrilli of Arbalest Quarrel.

Hour #3

Malloy Asks Gun Owners To Pay More, Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Emergency Intervention Needed in California NOW!, ‘The …Read the Rest

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