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By Robert Farago

Self-steering bullet (courtesy

This just in from the Department of Redundancy Department (Passive Construction Division): “Self-steering bullets that can steer themselves towards a moving target have been tested by the US Department of Defense.” Actually, it’s probably accurate; I’d bet dollars to donuts that the self-steering bullets in question were proceeded by self-steering bullets that couldn’t steer themselves, this being a government program and all. In fact, after Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars Missile Defense System was exposed as an enormous, elaborate, effective hoax, anyone with self-steering logic will be wondering if this new bullet is a bit of a military McGuffin. Anyway, here’s what has to say about the able ammo . . .

The bullet was developed by America’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to “increase hit rates for difficult, long-distance shots”.

It has now been revealed a series of tests in February were successful, with even novices that were using the system for the first time able to hit moving targets.

The project, which is known as Exacto, is thought to use small fins that shoot out of the bullet and re-direct its path, but the US has not disclosed how it works.

It only says that the …read more

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