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Sig MCX rifle mpx

Sig SP2022 pistol

U.S. Army Contracting Command-New Jersey has awarded Sig Sauer a contract for its SP2022 pistols, 716G2 rifles, MCX carbines and MPX submachine guns.

SIG MCX Rattler media day


Why the SIG MCX Rattler Is the Perfect 300 Blackout PDW Solution

Sig’s Guns

According to the terms of the deal, Sig will deliver up to 500 716G2 rifles, with one 20-round PMAG included with each rifle. The company will also supply 300 MCX carbines—100 of those carbines will have a nine-inch barrel, another 100 will have an 11.5-inch barrel and the final batch will be equipped with a 16-inch barrel.

Next, the Army wants up to 1,000 MPX subguns with a 4.5-inch barrel. It also wants another 1,000 MPX guns with an eight-inch barrel. Each MPX will also come with a 30-round Sig factory magazine. The contract also covers up to 5,000 Sig SP2022 pistols. Three steel Sig factory 15-round magazines are to be included with each pistol. Last, but certainly not least, Sig will provide up …Read the Rest

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