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By Robert Farago

Raymond Panton (courtesy evening

You may recall our December, 2015 story UK Farmer Faces Five Years in Jail for Homemade Self-Defense Shotguns. According to Scotland’s, “Raymond Panton was imprisoned [for two years] despite a judge holding that exceptional circumstances existed in the case. Panton, 54, was earlier convicted of possessing prohibited weapons, two improvised shotguns, without authority at Parkhill Stores, Greens, New Deer, between April 4 and August 15 in 2014.” It’s important to note that Mr. Panton was not convicted of doing anything illegal with his improvised shotguns. This is the slippery slope upon which U.S. gun control would place their fellow Americans. Here are some more deets on the sentence . . .

Panton claimed to police that he had discovered two metal tubes in a bedroom at the farm and after looking at them realised that if slotted together shotgun cartridges could be fired.

Defence counsel David Moggach said Panton had phoned the police and co-operated as to where they might find a second weapon.

Mr Moggach said Panton had struggled with “mental health issues” but had been assessed as currently posing a low risk.

Lord Bannatyne said: “This all resulted from him bringing the police to his house and …Read the Rest

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