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By Brandon Curtis

In early June, I let you all know about my journey to receive a concealed carry permit in New York State. As a non-resident. That doesn’t happen often, so I’m told, but I needed to try and make it happen.

Early June was the first article describing this journey. Take a look at it here.

A few weeks later, I got confirmation that my permit was valid. Take a look at it here.

Then a few more weeks went by and I received my new permit in the mail, but Albany County threw me an unexpected curve ball. Take a look at it here.

After all of that, here we are today with an update. Hopefully, a final update.

I received my new-new permit in the mail yesterday along with a letter explaining what had happened with the restrictions being placed back on the permit. In short, it seems that the ‘helper’ had accidentally put down that my original permit had restrictions. It did not.

So here we are with an actual, legitimate, authentic New York State Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permit without restrictions. Or, what I like to call, a 2A Unicorn.

The letter that was along with the permit was written by the …Read the Rest

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