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By Dan Zimmerman


A couple of weeks ago, Connecticut reader Ma the story of his attempts to build or acquire a legal short barrel rifle. Here’s the latest:

My F1 was denied this week because “The making and/or possession of this firearm would be in violation of State or local law”. I was able to talk to the examiner that denied the F1 and he said that Connecticut now requires that the “assault weapon” cert for the firearm be included because I am making a firearm with the F1. The cert will need to say exactly what the firearm made by the F1 says . . .

Motherf****r! I guess the rumors really were true; someone, somewhere in the state complained to someone.

A little background on assault weapon certificates: no AW certs are required for pre-bans under Connecticut law as they are not considered assault weapons. Pre-bans transfer ‘freely’ without the AW transfer restrictions; that is I can sell or otherwise transfer my pre-ban at anytime, I don’t have to wait to die to transfer it like a postban registered AW. Any sale/transfer still requires the CT sales paperwork and a background check done by the state. Essentially getting an AW cert will tie …read more

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