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By Nick Leghorn


The news keeps getting worse in Paris. Depending on which news source you’re reading there are between six and eight locations that were hit tonight in a coordinated terrorist attack, the worst of which seems to be in a music venue called The Bataclan. Up to six gunmen, reportedly armed with AK-47 rifles, stormed into the building and began slaughtering the occupants en masse. Standard patrol officers attempted to intervene but were driven away, and the gunmen had the run of the place for a significant period of time before specially armed officers were able to storm the location and neutralize the terrorists. Current reports indicate that at least 118 are confirmed dead following the attack — in that one location alone.

Other attacks around the city include a shooting at a local restaurant, as well as two to three explosions outside a sports venue where 80,000 people had gathered to watch a soccer game.

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