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Unusual shooting positions can encompass just about anything your imagination can come up with. The birth of an unusual shooting position is usually the result of a worst-case scenario becoming reality for a sniper. Most often, these types of positions are indicative of combative shooting or hunting, and shooting in nontypical positions is difficult. It tests your ability to apply the core fundamentals of marksmanship and remain consistent through a wide range of positions and personal comfort levels. Once you begin to practice these positions and see how accurate you can be, they become a constructive challenge.

As precision rifle shooters, our training usually begins in the supported prone position or on the bench utilizing some type of gizmo that allows us to maximize accuracy from our rifles and ammunition. Obviously, we can purchase the finest components in a rifle, its optic and ammunition. However, in order for this package to reach its full potential, we need to properly manipulate the trigger. For some shooters, the bench is satisfying. For military and law enforcement snipers, seldom comes an opportunity to make a shot happen in perfect-world prone. I believe that most shooters get themselves into a certain comfort zone, and it’s …Read the Rest

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