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By Tom Knighton

Across the country, various groups announce they will hold gun buybacks. Throughout the year, I find out about some of them and generally mock them to some degree.

I’m not alone.

To start with, the term “buyback” is ridiculous. It implies the party buying the guns somehow had them first in some way. Otherwise, how could they buy them back? They’re gun turn-in programs that give a stipend or something else in exchange for the firearm, but no one is actually buying anything back.

Then there’s the fact that anyone with half a brain knows these programs are never going to work. People who use their guns for nefarious purposes aren’t going to turn in a firearm unless it’s in an attempt to dump one used in a crime. If that happens, they’ll get another gun before the day is out, if they hadn’t already. It doesn’t actually take guns off the street.

In fact, as reported last week, most of the guns Baltimore took off the street were junk pistols that people couldn’t actually sell on their own.

Miracles, however, really do happen.

It seems that The Balitmore Sun‘s editorial board has come to the same realization most …Read the Rest

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