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By Bob Owens

We haven’t been following the killing of Sam Dubose, the black motorist who was shot by a University of Cincinnati police officer, as there simply wasn’t a lot of information about it until recently.

UC police officer Ray Tensing had claimed that Dubose was dragging him with his vehicle, forcing him to fire and kill Dubose in self-defense.

Tensing’s body camera, however, told a radically different story, and prosecutor Joe Deters seems to want his head on a platter:

“It was so unnecessary for this to occur,” Joe Deters, the Hamilton County prosecutor, said at a news conference Wednesday.

Sam Dubose, 43, was shot and killed during a July 19 traffic stop by Officer Ray Tensing. The officer initially said he was dragged by Dubose’s car, leading to the shooting. Deters said that Dubose “was subdued,” adding that Tensing had his license plate number.

“This office has probably reviewed upwards of hundreds of police shootings, and this is the first time that we’ve thought this is without question a murder,” he said.

In addition, Deters said Tensing was not dragged by the car, saying instead that he fell backwards after shooting Dubose in the head.

Deters called the situation “a pretty chicken-crap stop,” saying …read more

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