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By Robert Farago

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After the video of an Arizona thief stealing an open carrier’s firearm hit the ‘net, all the armed open carry naysayers came out of the woodwork to say nay. Their crusade plays straight into the hands of the antis — this is why you can’t have nice things. Equally, these anti-open/concealed carry-only gun owners are using the same sorts of “arguments” favored by gun control advocates . . .

1. They’re holding-up a single incident as “proof” that an idea is bad/dangerous

In six years of monitoring the interwebz, I’ve come across two open carry gun grabs. This case and one where thugs beat-up an open carrier and stole his gun. The Silver State McDonald’s gun grab is certainly a cautionary tale, but it’s hardly indicative of a widespread problem.

2. They’re ignoring the positive side of a gun-related practice

For every time a thief who grabbed a gun out of someone’s holster, how many times did an open carry American prevent a crime? How many times did an armed American openly carrying access his or her firearm more quickly than if they’d had to remove a cover garment, and what impact did that have on …Read the Rest

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