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By Graham Baates

By Graham Baates
YouTube personality, Graham Baates, goes over some of the basics of understanding a rifle scope.

What does it all mean?

USA – -( Selecting a rifle scope can be deceptively difficult. Prices seem to have exponential variances and most people will tell you whatever they own is the best for their application. Some brands are known for having a great warranty service, but we’d never have known about that if there weren’t so many people using the service in the first place. While I wish it were as easy as simply prescribing brand X, model Y it isn’t. Just as there is no universally “best” handgun, car, or even shoe that satisfies everyone’s needs, there is no universally “best” rifle scope. You can, however, have a better chance of selecting the right rifle scope by understanding them a little better.

By The Numbers: For many novice buyers the numbers either don’t make sense, or they are simply drawn to the maximum magnification power they can afford. That isn’t always the best path. Scopes are labeled with their magnification range and objective lens …Read the Rest

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