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By Micah Rate

The nation is quickly approaching the one year mark of Donald Trump’s presidency. Over the course of the 2016 presidential election cycle, then-candidate Donald Trump promised to fight for people’s Second Amendment rights; whether it be by repealing Obama-era gun regulations, encouraging Congress to pass pro-second amendment legislation, or appointing federal judges that would protect one of America’s most important constitutional rights.

2017 was a good year for gun owners and the Second Amendment. One can point to many wins for the Second Amendment this year, but here are five.

National Reciprocity

Perhaps the most significant win for 2A supporters and gun owners this year, a victory that occurred just this month, was the passage of H.R. 38, a national reciprocity and background check improvement bill, in the House of Representatives. Though the legislation has yet to become law, organizations like the National Rifle Association (NRA) have been pressuring the Republican-led Congress to hold a vote on this bill for years. The NRA and gun owners across the country may now see their hopes come to fruition. This bill never had the chance to become law under former President Barack Obama. But in a party-line vote, …Read the Rest

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