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By John Falkenberg

DENTON COUNTY, TX — An elderly man was forced to shoot his nephew after he bashed him several times in the head, the Denton Record-Chronicle reports.

Early this month, police were called over to a home in Denton County, Texas, where a 62-year-old man had gotten into a fight with his nephew, age 32.

Initially, the confrontation was just an argument, but it eventually turned into a physical confrontation, and that’s when things devolved.

The young man had the advantage, and quickly set to beating his uncle about the head.

The young man was half of his uncle’s age, and it would appear that he needed an equalizer.

That’s when he grabbed his pistol and shot his nephew in the leg.

Both were taken to (different) hospitals, and it doesn’t appear that either will succumb to their injuries.

The Denton Record-Chronicle reports that police are still investigating, and that neither arrests have been made or charges filed.

That’s not to say that charges won’t come down the line, however — with this level of violence, it’s almost certain to result with somebody getting charged with something.

However, one thing we can pull away from this incident for now is the fact that the …Read the Rest

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