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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Ultradyne's Apollo Brake and Tim Yackley Earn Podium Finish at Rockcastle Pro Am
Ultradyne’s Apollo Brake and Tim Yackley Earn Podium Finish at Rockcastle Pro Am

U.S.A.-( Ultradyne, an American designer and manufacturer of advanced shooting accessories, was spotted on the podium at the 2018 Rockcastle Pro Am on Tim Yackley’s rifle.

When asked about the Apollo Brake Yackley replied, “I installed the Ultradyne Apollo brake on my rifle right before Pro Am and love how flat it shoots and minimizes rearward recoil. While shooting long range I am able to watch for impact splash and make better follow-up shots due to how the brake performs. When shooting offhand Apollo keeps my sights on target – the movement is the least of any muzzle devices I have shot.”

Yackley continued by describing a particular stage in which the Apollo made a notable difference, “…A course of fire at the Rockcastle Pro Am required the shooter to engage targets out to 500 yards from a platform suspended by four chains. Only four of 244 competitors hit all targets. I was one of those four, and feel I won that stage over others because the Apollo helped me make those hits – the minimal rearward recoil kept me stable on the platform.”.

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