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Apollo Max Muzzle Brake Profile

Apollo Max Muzzle Brake Exploded

Ultradyne recently released its Apollo Max Muzzle Brake, specifically built to tame the recoil impulse generated by .308 Win. cartridges.

zrodelta gen 2 cib muzzle brake


VIDEO: ZRODelta Releases New Gen 2 CIB Muzzle Brake

The company claims to have utilized advanced imaging and precision instrumentation when developing the new muzzle device.

Ultradyne’s design utilizes what the company calls muzzle-rise compensation ports at the end of the muzzle brake. Additionally, these ports direct gasses away from the shooter’s line of sight. Further, each port is located, sized and shaped for maximum gas flow. The brake utilizes a combination of modeling and testing, according to Ultradyne.

Ultradyne further claims the the brake reaches a higher level of recoil reduction in a brake of this size. Also, the company credits this feat to a combination of applied science and engineering.

Each muzzle brake is CNC machined. Also, each one is built in the USA.

Moreover, for competition shooters, namely 3-Gun and practical rifle …Read the Rest

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