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By Jason Reid

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For target archers, the difference between a 10 and a 12 often comes down to hundredths of an inch. When that kind of accuracy matters, trust the No Limit Veracity release aid to help you score more Xs.

What sets the Veracity apart from other hinge releases is its extreme adjustability and adaptability. Instead of the archer getting used to the release, the Veracity adjusts to the archer.

Even the very best tournament archers have slightly different form, and often vastly different preferences. The Veracity was designed to fit all styles thanks to its micro-adjustable sear system. And for a custom feel in the hand, the Veracity has No Limit Archery’s exclusive handle position adjustment.

The sear can be changed to function with or without a “click,” while Hot and Cold adjustments can be made easily with a .050 hex wrench. In addition, adjustments in the handle can be made to fit the preferred hand position of each shooter.

The Veracity is also a great choice for the 3D archer who transitions into hunting each fall. The Veracity is modeled off No Limit’s popular Ringer release. The 3D hunter can use a Veracity throughout the tournament season, and then seamlessly switch to …Read the Rest

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